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  • The first augmented reality applied Play Carpet.
    Using the QR code on the carpet or packaging, you can make the Jagu characters talk by downloading the application to your phone for free.
  • Important Note: After installing the application, allow access to the camera or the application will not work.
  • With the Jagu world carpet, you can learn about those countries by having your phone read the characters on the carpet.
  • Our product is an educational and entertainment tool that makes the floors safer where you can have a good time with your child.
  • Since the product is soft, it does not hurt your toddler’s knees and does not hurt in falls.
  • Our product is wiped with a non-washable wet cloth.
  • It is light, comfortable and flexible, absorbs sound, and greatly prevents sound from going to the lower floors when played on.
  • It does not contain bacteria and does not smell.
  • Provides heat insulation, does not pass the cold of the sole.
  • It helps your child’s mental development.
  • It does not harm your child physically or chemically in any way.
  • Carpet Size: 150×100 cm


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